Back to School!

If your child is enrolling in a new gan or to first grade, this is for you!!!

We are finally at the end of that long summer holiday and all children are going back to kindergarten, or school, in exactly ONE week!!


I compiled 4 tips for those last few days, before “the big start”:


1. For now just ACKNOWLEDGE this is the last week of the holiday and START COUNTING BACKWARD. Go up to your child and tell him this is the last week before we go back (or start) school / kindergarten. Ask him: Is there anything we still wish to do during the holiday? Something we haven’t done yet…? Maybe we should plan something together, as a family? From today onwards, tell your child every day, how many days are left, before the big start.


2. New beginnings, changes and transitions are a sensitive time, because they contain a lot of unknown, a loss of control, and thus, can cause insecurity. So how can we restore A SENSE OF CONTROL and EMPOWERMENT in our child for this new beginning? By telling him everything we know about the new place he is going to - go and visit the school / the kindergarten, tell him the teacher’s name, who are the children that will be in his class, try to meet them (if possible), tell him how his day will look like, what will the schedule be like, who is going to bring him, and fetch him, etc. Let you child choose and organize his new bag and equipment… Make him a full partner in this process! Remember – the more information you give your child, the more he will feel in control, the easier it will be for him to embrace this change.


3. The most important message of this process is TRUST.

The message of trust is twofold:

   a. Trust your child - Tell your child how much you trust and believe in him, that he is capable and strong! Show him           his strengths, and he will be able to believe in himself.

   b. Trust the staff - Show the teacher, or/and the staff in gan, how much you trust them. They really need you to               believe in them! Never speak badly of the teacher in front of your child, for you are creating an internal conflict of         loyalty in your child.

Remember that children adapt extremely easily and most of them will fit in the new environment, like they have always been there, in very little time!!!! And for those it will take a little longer, just breath, be patient, believe and trust your child’s ability to go through change.


4. Transitions are a vulnerable time. So dear parents, in the first few weeks, be available for your child - be patient and surround him with a lot of love, empathy and encouragement. Remember that even though transitions are a sensitive time, they are also an amazing OPPORTUNITY for GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT. There is a reason to be happy and optimistic regarding the upcoming change, as the times we grow the most are in those experiences, when we actually get out of our comfort zone, and challenge ourselves!! So when you accompany your child to first grade, or to his new kindergarten, keep in mind that by sending him out there, you are helping him to grow, develop and discover his strengths. This is a great opportunity to teach your child to believe in himself!!

back to school
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