Parenting Courses

Learn all the basics for healthy and positive parenting in a 6-weeks intensive parenting course in English. Become the parent you always wanted to be!

Acquire tools on:

  • how to raise autonomous and responsible children

  • how to raise children with high self-esteem

  • effective communication in a family

  • building healthy relationships

  • setting proper boundaries

  • using logical consequences and choice instead of fear, punishment and rewards


> For parents of children up to 9 years old.

> 600 NIS (same price if you attend alone or with your partner).

> Intimate group, lots of time for Q&A.




If you are a group of friends (minimum 8 families), or would like to host a course at your place, please get in touch with me. The course is free of charge for the host

parenting class barbara harcavi


If you would like to attend one of my online courses, please let me know and I’ll put you on a waiting list for my next course (advantages on zoom: no need to find parking, or hire a babysitter, or get out of your PJ’s)

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