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Are "Terrible Twos" that terrible?

Updated: Jan 3

What happens to my sweet little baby at age two?!?!?

The professional term is “SEPARATION”…. But simply put it, at that age children understand that they are not “ONE” anymore with their primal caregiver(s), that they are a “separate” person, and therefore feel extremely STRONG, with a desire to CONQUER the world and build their own sense of SELF. Just like what happens at adolescence, so this is an excellent rehearsal for parents…

So what happens? They say no all the time, they want to do it all by themselves, tantrums, endless whining etc….

terrible twos

The most important question is: WHAT DO WE DO???
  1. Change your perception – This is A BLESSING! At two years’ old our children are building their own identity, discovering who they are, while learning multitudes of new skills!!!

  2. Allow POWER – let them CHOOSE a lot and wherever it’s possible (amongst 2 options that are both fine with you).

  3. Give them a sense of CONTROL – always share, and TELL THEM, what is happening next.

  4. Set clear BOUNDARIES - and apply logical consequences when they trespass them.

  5. ENCOURAGE – Remember this is the exact age children are both curious and courageous, and they just want to TRY EVERYTHING OUT…. Encourage them to continue!

  6. Allow INDEPENDENCE – Just a simple rule: Anything children are ABLE to do by themselves, let them (and don’t do it in for them)!

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m always here for you, in person or online.

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