BEING A PARENT is probably the most COMPLEX ROLE of our lives…. It carries simultaneously moments of extreme downs and pure happiness, it never ends, it is exhausting, draining and sometimes you just want to run away from it!

On the other hand, it brings so much pride, vitality and inconceivable love into our lives. Being a parent is such a significant part of my life that I also decided to dedicate my work to it.


I’M BARBARA, NICE TO MEET YOU. I am a certified Adlerian family and parenting coach. I have a BA in psychology and practice coaching in my private practice, located in Tel-Aviv North. I am married and a mother of three boys. I made alya from Belgium about 20 years ago. I know that parenting can be quite difficult at some times, and I am well aware it can even be more challenging when you are a parent in a country, and culture, that are not yours. I practice coaching in HEBREW, FRENCH and ENGLISH.


Throughout the years I spent in The Adler Institute I UNDERSTOOD THAT THINGS CAN ALWAYS BE DIFFERENT in a family, that it's a matter of CHOICE. I believe that just as every child is unique, every family has its own traits, needs and limitations. I always try to listen very carefully to every parent that comes to me in order to discover HIS STRENGTHS AND HIS  UNIQUE WAY OF BEING, and to give him the best tools to improve his parenting. I am VERY OPTIMISTIC and I believe that each and every one is capable of making a significant change in his life.


I coach parents of families with young children and also teenagers. I specialize in coaching parents of children with ADHD and learning disabilities. I also accompany families with CELIAC disease.

Please check my SERVICES out and feel free to contact me with any further inquiry.

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