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What Is Couples Counseling ?

Research has found that having a healthy, loving and meaningful relationship with your partner will lead to better health, greater resilience, more wealth and increased well-being and happiness.
I also believe it makes us better parents to our children.

MY APPROACH to couples counseling is goal oriented. I believe in working both internally and externally – understanding the underlying reasons for our behavior, our feelings and thoughts (internal), while also actively learning and acquiring new ways of behaving (external).


IN SESSIONS we work on understanding each partner and his/her choices, how to be accountable for those choices, or make different ones. We talk about all the needs and specific wants each one has, on a personal level and in the relationship.

Finally, you will acquire tools for effective communication, conflict resolution and enhanced intimacy, and friendship, in your relationship.


MY FRAMEWORK is based on Alfred Adler’s theory, and therefore I believe that we can always CHOOSE to do things differently. It is also each and everyone's personal responsibility.

Furthermore, my school of thought is based on Imago Therapy, the Gottman Method, the Attachment Theory and Positive Psychology.



Conflict resolution, effective communication, differences in values, culture and way of living, minimized empathy/compassion, lost of trust, sexual discrepancies, lack of intimacy, fear of commitment and many more.



In the beginning I try to learn as much as I can about you, and your relationship, in order to understand what’s working well, what are your strengths, and what is more challenging. At the end of our first session we will talk about your expectations, and the goals you would like to attain, through counseling. 

WHERE AND HOW DO WE MEET? We can meet in one of my private practices (in Tel-Aviv North or in Herzelya), at your place, or online.

One can attend alone or as a couple.

couples counselor barbara harcavi
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