WHAT IS ADLERIAN PARENTAL COACHING? Adlerian parental coaching is GOAL ORIENTED and is mainly short term. Young children primarily respond to their parents, which are the most significant people in their lives. In coaching sessions we work on changing the behavior of the parent towards the child, and in response THE CHILD WILL ALSO ACT DIFFERENTLY.

The main purpose of the tools I provide, is to improve the relationships in the family: I teach effective communication, how to set rules and boundaries in a respectful way, efficient cooperation, how to cope with inappropriate behavior of children and how to raise the self-esteem of each member of the family.


WHICH TOPICS ARE RELEVANT IN PARENTAL COACHING? Potty training, fears and anxieties, parental authority, rules and boundaries, day and sleep schedule, tantrums, effective communication, cooperation instead of power struggles, disagreements between spouses, screen addiction, low self-esteem, social challenges, siblings’ fighting, battles about homework, cursing, aggressive behavior and many more.


HOW DOES IT WORK? The first time we meet I try to learn as much as I can about your family in order to understand what’s working well, what are your strengths, and what is challenging. At the end of the meeting we talk about your expectations and the goals we would like to attain through coaching. 

WHERE AND HOW DO WE MEET? We can meet at your place (home or office) or at my private practice, located in Tel-Aviv North (Neot Afeka Neighborhood). I advise both parents to attend, but this is absolutely not a necessity... each and every one can make a significant change!! 


Please feel free to call me for a first assessment 054-8077881

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