Do the best you can!

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” Maya Angelou

Parenting is a process, a very long journey in discovering yourself and seizing the amazing opportunity for self-growth.

So many parents come to me flooded by guilt, remorse and anxiety regarding what they have done until now, or convinced it’s already “too late”…

To all those courageous parents who do reach out, and who want to do things differently, I would like to remind you:

  1. To GIVE YOURSELF some GRACE – Let go of endless self-criticism and being so harsh on yourself!

  2. ONE SMALL STEP at a time – Choose only one, or two things, that you would like to change, and start with those.

  3. ASK FOR HELP when needed – Don’t do it all by yourself and seek assistance for the big and small stuff… Ask for help from your partner, family, friends, community, or a professional.

You are more than welcome to call me for a first free introductory consultation!

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