Let's get married

“Let's get married and have kids so instead of a lazy Saturday morning we can panic because a sports uniform didn't get put in the dryer”.... (Simon Holland)

It took me a few years to realize that the hardest part in parenting is not “the parenting” itself, but the relationship with your wife/husband/partner….

Research shows that having kids lowers your level of happiness significantly (don’t worry, it goes up again later on…).

Although I have dedicated my work in helping parents improve their parenting, time and again I encounter parents, having a really hard time in their relationship!

What can we do about it?

  1. Take FULL RESPONSIBILITY – In a relationship it’s not 50/50!! You are 100% responsible for your part, so stop blaming or criticizing your partner and check what YOU can do TODAY to improve the connection.

  2. There cannot be a WE without a ME – Start by investing time and energy IN YOURSELF, in the things you are passionate about, and in self-care.

  3. Forget about spontaneity, nothing happens “by itself” - Be CONCIOUS and INTENTIONAL about investing in your relationship.

  4. MODEL the kind of partner you wish your child will end up with one day – remember our children are principally learning from OUR BEHAVIOR.

  5. Keep in mind that your children are developing, and growing, IN THAT SPACE, between you and your partner - Is that space filled with love, care, mutual respect, generosity, friendship and empathy?

If you need some help with any of the above, I’m here for you.

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