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Barbara Harcavi

Parenting Coach, Couples Counselor & Family Mediator
Parenting Coach

Adlerian parental coaching is goal oriented. Young children primarily respond to their parents, which are the most significant people in their lives. In coaching sessions we work on changing the behavior of the parent towards the child, and in response, the child will also act differently.

Barbara Harcavi Parenting Coach
Couples Counselor

Research has found that having a healthy, loving and meaningful relationship with your partner will lead to better health, greater resilience, more wealth and increased well-being and happiness.
I also believe it makes us better parents to our children.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

BEING A PARENT is probably the most COMPLEX ROLE of our lives…. It carries simultaneously moments of extreme downs and pure happiness. It never ends, it is exhausting, draining and sometimes you just want to run away from it! On the other hand, it brings so much pride, vitality and inconceivable love into our lives.

Being a parent is such a significant part of my life that I also decided to dedicate my work to it.

About me

I’m Barbara, nice to meet you.


I have a BA in Psychology, studied Parental Coaching and also Couples Counseling.

I am certified by the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Adler Institute and Tel-Hay Academic College.

My private practices are located in Tel-Aviv North and in Herzelya Pituach. I also work extensively online.

Please visit my blog, it is full of wonderful resources and tips for parents!

Highly recommended!
Barbara is amazing, we held a parent class with her in our house, and she is spot on on how to develop a healthy and wonderful relationship with our children.
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