A misbehaving Child....

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

"A Misbehaving Child is a Discouraged Child" (Richard Dreikurs)

I have written a lot on the importance of ENCOURAGEMENT, and its differences with giving praise…

According to the Adlerian theory, human beings are basically GOOD. Children strive to be good - to feel seen, heard, accepted and loved unconditionally, IN A POSITIVE WAY. If they have turned out “bad”, or are behaving in a negative way, it’s just because we are not showing them how lovable and capable they are, and therefore they became DISCOURAGED.

misbehaving children

The good news is that we can easily turn things around….

How? By starting TO BELIEVE in them and their ability to be at their best… By encouraging them, and showing them how capable, powerful and independent they are.

If you feel your children are misbehaving often, or are regularly throwing tantrums, whining, hitting, or just opposing anything you suggest, start by checking how encouraged they feel, how much SELF-CONFIDENCE they have, how much they truly believe in themselves….

If you’d like some help in that process, I’m here for you.

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