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Back to school

Tomorrow is the big day – September 1st.

For some parents it’s a very happy day and for some it’s kind of a scary day.

Sending a child to a new kindergarten, or to first grade, can awaken many mixed feelings…..

How can I trust a total stranger to take care of my baby?

How will the new teacher be like? Will she like my child?

Is my child going to have someone to play with? Or sit next to?

How is he gonna go to the bathroom on his own?!

Your child can also be quite overwhelmed, and therefore, remember to take it easy for the first few days, or weeks, and sometimes even months (yes!), in this TRANSITION.

Your child needs TIME TO PROCESS all the new information, and experiences, he is going through, and he might be more sensitive or tired in the beginning.

  1. Allow all feelings to pop up, name them, talk about them, and share about your own experience.

  2. Make space for a lot of “down-time” after school, in the afternoon.

  3. Trust your child and the process – Even if she seems sad or unhappy, she needs to see in your eyes and in your behavior, how much you believe in her, and in her ability to cope.

Of course, if anything still worries you, feel free to reach out.

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