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Brother's Love

Updated: Jan 3

Five ways to build a stronger sibling bond:

brother's love

1. COOPERATIVE TASKS – Give them joint projects or assignments, like tidy up together, plan a surprise birthday party for dad, think of a fun activity you would like to do on the week-end….. (encourage cooperation instead of competition!)

2. NO COMPETITION – Do not compare between your children or create needless competition. Avoid saying things like: “why can’t you listen, like your brother…?” or “let’s see who gets there first”…

3. UNIQUENESS - Be specific to each child’s needs and desires, and make each one feel seen, heard and loved for who she is (spend one-on-one time with each child and do not buy them the same presents!!)

4. LESS INTERVENTION – When they fight, do not take sides, do not play judges, count to 10 before you jump in…. And most importantly: believe they are capable, and trust their ability, to settle their disputes on their own.

5. MODELING - Be a model of healthy and respectful relationships in your own life (how do you fight / resolve conflict / make up / say sorry /treat someone you disagree with?)

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