Celebrate the Child you have

One of the greatest lessons I learned in parenting is to let go of the child I thought I'll have, and CELEBRATE the one I have.

We all have dreams and aspirations for our children, and sometimes they certainly come through. But most of the time, things don’t go exactly “as-planned” …..

My children were, and still are, MY BIGGEST TEACHERS.

They have taught me, time and again, how important it is to sometimes just let go, and TRUST THEM, because THEY KNOW what’s best for themselves!

Through my children, I have learned to BE PATIENT, that good things come to us SLOWLY, and that for some children, it sometimes takes time to ripe and blossom.

They taught me how crucial it is to stay HUMBLE and GRATEFUL for what we already have.

Finally, they have taught me what it means to truly love and accept someone unconditionally, and to genuinely CELEBRATE THE PERSON HE OR SHE IS!

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