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“Couples counseling” becomes “divorce counseling” when we wait too long…

The average couple waits 6 years before seeking help for marital issues.

(The Gottman Institute)

Unfortunately “couples counseling” becomes “divorce counseling” when we wait too long…

It can be intimidating, or stressful to just reach out, and seek professional help, regarding your relationship with your partner. It can even trigger more hostility, when one partner refuses to go.

A few of the reasons to reach out to couples counseling:

  • The “negative interactions” outweighs the positive ones, and there is a lot of arguing, disagreements, anger and resentment.

  • The relationship entails a lot of criticism and contempt.

  • There is poor communication, and a general feeling of not being understood, not being heard, seen, or even not wishing to share with your partner.

  • Something has happened (good or bad) and since then, you are not feeling in tune with your partner…. it feels like you are going on different paths.

Don’t wait, reach out.
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