That's how the Light gets in

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

“There’s a Crack in Everything, that’s how the Light gets in” (Leonard Cohen)

Parenting is about looking for, and seeing all the small “lights” in our children…. In the Adler Institute, we call this ENCOURAGEMENT.

Encouragement is vital and essential in order to raise healthy, and self-confident, children.

So, just like the 8 candles of Chanukah, I compiled 8 important “lights” to remember, in Parenting:

  1. Only an ENCOURAGED PARENT is able to encourage his child – Prioritize self-care!

  2. Encouragement is PERSONAL – Try to be as accurate and specific, when encouraging someone.

  3. The person that FAILS needs it the most – try to remember that, next time your child comes home with a failed grade, or got “out of the lines” in his drawing.

  4. Encourage every ATTEMPT (even if the outcome is negative) – the purpose is for children TO CONTINUE TRYING.

  5. Encourage every smallest EFFORT or INVESTMENT in the task – emphasize the PROCESS and the JOY there is in just “doing”.

  6. Be a POSITIVE MIRROR to your child – remember that our children learn who they are through the reflection of our eyes, show them their strengths and competences.

  7. A HUG is encouragement – it says I see you, I feel you, and I’m here for you.

  8. Remember “There’s a Crack in Everything, that’s how the Light gets in” – Even when things are bad, it is OUR PARENTAL ROLE to find those small “cracks”, and shed some light in those dark places….. remember that whatever we concentrate on, WILL GROW!

Happy Chanukah to all the wonderful and courageous parents I meet all the time!


Leonard Cohen

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