Help! My Child is a Picky Eater

One of our biggest concerns as parents is FOOD.

So many parents consult with me because they have “picky eaters”… and I would like to give you 4 tips regarding food-issues:

  1. CONTROL – I have control on what I offer, on which food I put on the table (or bring into my house). My child has control on what he CHOOSES to take from that, so allow your child plenty of CHOICE.

  2. MODEL – What is YOUR relationship to food? Do YOU have healthy food habits? Please remember that children learn everything through our behavior (and not through our “lectures”…). Your children are watching you all the time (even when you think they don’t), so be A POSITIVE MODEL in your child’s life!

  3. FAMILY MEALS – If you can’t have a family meal once a day, at least have one ONCE A WEEK. Family meals are an excellent opportunity to model healthy eating habits, but also a way to CONNECT, to build a relationship, intimacy and togetherness. It creates A POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE around food.

  4. COOPERATION – Invite your child into the kitchen to cook, or prepare meals with you, make him A FULL PARTNER in choosing what we should offer at meals. We want our child to feel involved and responsible for his health. Moreover, by cooking together we make food more PLAYFUL, familiar and eventually more attractive.

Start with all of the above and if you still encounter challenges around food, feel free to reach out.

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