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Help! My Child is Cursing!

Updated: Jan 3

4 steps to stop my child from swearing:

Lets realize that even if its hideous (or terribly embarrassing or annoying), we have absolutely no control over the words that come out of our children’s mouths.

We do have control over the following:

  1. NO EXCESSIVE RESPONSE – in order to not reinforce the behavior. That does not mean we ignore it! When we hear our child curse, we tell him only once, in a calm and assertive way: I do not allow cursing.

  2. REFLECTION OF THE EMOTION – In which context is he cursing: Is he angry? Upset? Frustrated? Sad? Did he just “lost” at a game? Cursing is usually meant to express an emotion, and therefore mirror the way your child is feeling: “I understand you are unhappy / sad /angry / frustrated because...”

  3. ALTERNATIVE SUGGESTION – Teach your child to express his feelings in an appropriate and acceptable way. At a quieter time, discuss various ways to express sadness, anger or frustration.

  4. BE A ROLE MODEL – Check yourself! Are there any times when you speak disrespectfully to someone, or even curse? How do you express sadness, anger or frustration?

children cursing

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