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Is it time to ditch the Diapers?

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

4 tips:

1. READINESS – We start the process of potty training when OUR CHILD is ready (and not when WE think it’s a good time). How do we know? Our child knows how to take her pants of, is interested in trying new things, knows how to delay gratification (a bit), is aware of bodily needs and CHOOSES to say goodbye to the nappy:

2. CHOICE – allow your child FULL CONTROL of her body. She can choose to take the nappy of or back on. Choice also means to not constantly nag or remind her to go to the toilet…. We are teaching her to be independent:

3. INDEPENDENCE – Potty training is one of the necessary steps in the process of teaching our child independence! Show your child how much you TRUST her and BELIEVE in her ability:

4. ENCOURAGEMENT – Tell your child how much you believe in her determination and her willingness to try again and again, even after “failing”, show her it’s about the process, and less about the end-result, have faith in her… (and don’t forget to also encourage YOURSELF from time to time!).

ditch the diapers

Dear parents, remember that this is a significant developmental milestone in your child’s life, which entails much more than just being potty trained… It teaches your child SELF-CONFIDENCE, SELF-REGULATION and AUTONOMY.

For some, it will go really smoothly, and for others it will be a little more challenging… But keep in mind that ALL will be potty trained sooner or later :)

And if you need some help on the way, I’m always here for you!

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