It all starts with US

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Parents come to me because their child is misbehaving, hitting, pushing, “just not listening”, nagging all the time, too sensitive, too impulsive, not enough self-spoken, eats too much, or too little, and so forth…. I know it’s painful, because all we want as parents is for our children to be happy, to live in a healthy atmosphere, and develop properly…

when a flower doesn't bloom

A few points to remember:

1. WE are our child’s “world” (we are and create the environment they grow in). We are the most SIGNIFICANT and INFLUENCIAL people in their lives!

2. The most effective way to teach our child about values is for us to MODEL them, and just BEHAVE them in our daily lives.

3. By learning new ways - how to respond to our child, change the way we react in certain situations, how to talk, set boundaries, or logical consequences, or give our child choices - we can make HUGE CHANGES in our child’s behavior.

So it all starts and ends with US, we need to “fix” OURSELVES, and not our children… and this is exactly what parental coaching is about.

Feel free to reach out if you have any question.

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