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It's not Fair

It’s not fair… She got more cornflakes… Why did he get new shoes… I also want a treat… it’s my turn to sit in the middle… He got a bigger piece of cake….

Sounds familiar?
Do your kids also compare endlessly and compete against each other?

Question is – Can we really give EQUALY to each of our children?

I believe it’s IMPOSSIBLE and even when we really try, one (or both) of them, will always feel discriminated….

So what CAN we do? Give to each child according to his specific NEEDS.

When a child has his needs met, he feels seen and heard. He feels loved. And this is the best way to not make anyone feel discriminated.

What else can parents do?

Stop using language that incites competition: Who gets there first? Who can undress more quickly and jump in the bath? Look at your sister/brother, she/he always….

Give your children cooperative tasks: Plan daddy’s birthday together, tidy up the playroom as a team, children’s night to make dinner ….

If you’d like to acquire more tools to help your children get along better, or at least fight a little less, feel free to reach out!

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