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My brother, my best friend....

Updated: Jan 3

From the time they are born, our brothers and sisters are our collaborators and co-conspirators, our role models and cautionary tales. They are our scolds, protectors, goads, tormentors, playmates, counselors, sources of envy, objects of pride. They teach us how to resolve conflicts and how not to; how to conduct friendships and when to walk away from them. (Jeffrey Kluger)

How can I help my children get along better?
  • INTERVENE LESS in their disputes!

  • Allow them to resolve conflict ON THEIR OWN.

  • TRUST THEM, and their ability to find solutions (by themselves), to disagreements.

  • Encourage them TO COOPERATE (and not to compete!!).


  • Emphasize those beautiful SMALL MOMENTS of complicity, generosity and caring about each other (never take them for granted!!).

  • Remember that brothers and sisters fight a lot, and if they do… it’s NORMAL.

  • Try to give each child what she NEEDS and not “equally” to everyone.

  • DO NOT COMPARE your children, each one is unique (and needs to feel it)!

  • Most importantly – remember that having a brother or a sister is first and foremost a precious GIFT.

If your children do fight a lot, please reach out, there is so much we can do about it!

Barbara 054-8077881

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