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New Beginnings

September 1st is right around the corner, and for lots of children (and parents) this is A NEW BEGINNING…

A few tips on how to help children cope with their new beginning / TRANSITION:

  • Welcome ALL FEELINGS, even if they are “mixed” feelings – A child can be happy and excited to go to a new environment, and at the same time sad and fearful. Mirror all feeling, don’t try to “talk them out of it”, just LISTEN and give EMPATHY.

  • Give your child as much INFORMATION as you can on “the new place” – The name of the teacher, whom are the children, what will the schedule be like, and so forth. Remember that INFORMATION = CONTROL = A SENSE OF SECURITY.

  • Make your child A FULL PARTNER in the process of the preparations – Let him/her CHOOSE the new schoolbag / material / lunchbox… all that is needed for the new school or kindergarten.

  • Remember that every new beginning is also THE END of something else. Make a small “CEREMONY” to celebrate the end of the summer, and welcome the new school-year. Go to the beach / have a picnic / ice cream…. Emphasize all the good things that happened until now, how much your child has grown, and how much you are looking forward to the new year ahead.

Remember that transitions can be challenging…..That’s why your child might need YOU to be a little more PATIENT those first few weeks.

Just keep in mind that MOST OF THE CHILDREN eventually ADAPT WELL and grow EASILY into their new environment!

As always, I’m here if you need me!

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