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One question you need to ask yourself if your kid is lying

What is the one question you need to ask yourself if your kid is lying?
That question is: WHY?
WHY is my child lying TO ME?

The answer to that question might be that my child:

  • is afraid of me / of my reaction

  • thinks he is going to be punished

  • strongly desires something that I do not allow

  • wants to please me / is scared to disappoint me

  • believes he did a huge mistake and needs to hide it from me

  • wishes to avoid conflict (with me)

  • is extremely embarrassed  

Lying is not an act of defiance from my child AGAINST me….

It also doesn’t mean that we are going downhill and my child is soon to be a delinquent…

I see children’s’ lies as a wake-up call for parents! It’s a great opportunity to question myself, and my parenting, and ask WHY my child feels he needs to lie to me?

Are my boundaries too tight, or my expectations too high?

Are my reactions of anger, or disappointment, excessive?

Can we speak about any subject openly in our family?

Can I hold space for doing mistakes, or not being perfect?

So if you just caught your child lying, start asking questions about your parenting.

And if you need some help with that, I’m here for you.

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