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Show your Children their Strengths

Updated: Jan 3

Our children learn who they are through our eyes….
Be a mirror to your children’s strengths, and they will grow to love themselves.

Continuously show your children their strengths, what they are good at, what they succeed in (and why), how an amazing person they are, and they will grow into adults with a high sense of self-worth.

Remember - a baby that was just born has no idea WHO he is…. It is through the reflection of our face, our eyes, words and actions, that he slowly discovers who he is.

Criticizing our children do NOT help them to thrive or excel in any way. It only teaches them to be extremely self-criticizing and harsh on themselves.

Whatever we concentrate on, whatever we choose to shed the light on, eventually GROWS. So look and show them constantly what is good and valuable in them.

children's strengths

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