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Parenting Differences

All parents have parenting differences.

A few guidelines on how to restrain those sometimes-complex situations:

  1. My favorite rule is “one parent / one situation” – Always allow the parent that started a “situation” with a child to finish it, do not intervene.

  2. Do not talk in the heat of the moment – if there is, or was something that bothered you in how your partner handled things, talk about it later, or much later, when you are a little further away and less emotional about it.

  3. Ask questions instead of shouting out affirmations – Be curious and ask your partner what bothers him/her in the child’s behavior? Why he/she reacts this way? What is so upsetting in this situation?

  4. Try to think together about the 3 most important values you would like to instill in your family, and how to apply them in your daily lives – those can become the “set of rules” everyone agrees upon.

  5. Learn about parenting together – Join a parenting class or reach out to a parenting expert together!

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