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Raising Teenagers

Updated: Jan 3

As I am already in the teen years with my 3 boys, I would like to write a few of my personal insights on “RAISING BOYS”….

1. Boys who are TREATED WITH RESPECT when they are little, will grow into men who also respect others.

2. Treating boys with respect means showing them they are LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY (and avoid gender stereotypes).

3. When you say things like “man up”, or “big boys don’t cry”, you are telling your son that EXPRESSING HIS EMOTIONS is not a good thing, and that can damage his mental health later on in life.

4. Dads, your sons are WATCHING YOU, and learning FROM YOU how to treat other people, how to be a good partner, and how to care for yourself. Be positive role models in your boys’ lives!

5. Moms, try to be THE KIND OF PARTNER you wish your son will end up with one day…

6. Remember that boys who learn HOW TO SHARE about their inner feelings, will turn into men that self-regulate more, and will have a more successful and satisfying life.

7. Do not “protect” your daughters, but CONTINOUSLY EDUCATE your sons regarding consent and mutual respect.

8. Be engaged in your sons’ interests and passions, even if it’s stuff like sports, gaming, or crazy youtubers … this is THEIR LIFE and you WANT TO BE PART OF IT!

9. Boys have a tendency to be less talkative, and therefore WE NEED TO LISTEN MORE CAREFULLY, so don’t be afraid to just sit next to them in silence, show them you are truly there, with them.

10. When they become full-blown teenagers (with all it entails….), look at them as if they were already THIS AMAZING GUY you KNOW they are going to become… At that age, they truly need you to look at them, with all the love and admiration you have.

raising teenagers

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