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Remember - It's not a race

The BIGGEST MISTAKE I did as a first-time mom was to be in a rush.

I hurried my eldest son to potty train, to wean from the pacifier, to sleep in a big boys bed, to learn how to read and more….. But our kids are our biggest TEACHERS, and my little boy thought me some valuable lessons about letting go, and accepting that things happen when they need to happen, and not when I decide they should to happen.

This little kid is now 17 years old, and he is potty trained really well, weaned of everything, and definitely knows how to read!

One of the most precious advice I would like to give young mothers is to relax, and remember IT’S NOT A RACE!

Allow children to lead their own growth - and particularly make their own CHOICES - on when to be weaned from diapers, pacifiers and the desire or interest in learning new things.

That does not mean in any way that I will not be fully present, and guide them, teach them, and set some solid boundaries. But for me, parenting is all about preparing our children for life, empowering them, and encouraging autonomy.

When we micro-manage our children, and stress them out with benchmarks, they do not learn how to think independently, and choose for themselves.

If we let go, and allow them…. They will gain the opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem.

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