Teaching Independence

Updated: Jul 24, 2021


“Never do for a child what he can do for himself” (Rudolf Dreikurs)

Do not feed a child that is able to eat on its own.

Do not dress a child that is able to get dressed on its own (or even choose her clothes).

Do not go and talk to the teacher about the reason she did not do her homework.

Do not go and talk to the mother of the child that offended her yesterday.

And so forth…, I’m sure you get it :)

teaching independence

What SHOULD you do?

  • Encourage every smallest gesture or desire to be independent.

  • Allow things to be imperfect.

  • Give them the opportunity to handle complex situations by themselves (stop fixing everything).

  • Encourage them to think and find solutions BY THEMSELVES.

  • Allow them to feel bored.

  • Give them chores, tasks and responsibilities.

START TODAY and remember that teaching independence is a process (you need patience for!!), but it is first and foremost a precious GIFT you give your child – the gift of feeling VALUABLE and CAPABLE.

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