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The 2 buckets of our children

Updated: Jan 3

Before becoming a psychotherapist, Alfred Adler was a medical doctor that firmly believed in PREVENTION (instead of TREATMENT).

Adlerian parental coaching is also preventive and believes that in order to PREVENT negative behavior in children (like whining, tantrums, power struggles, siblings fighting, lying and many more….) all we need to do is FILL their two “BUCKETS” on a daily basis:

  1. The “Belonging” Bucket: Make your child feel loved and significant to you. One way is to give your child 15 minutes of exclusive and undivided attention every day (put all electronic devices away and ask your child to choose whatever she wants to do with you).

  2. The “Power” Bucket: Remember the simple rule: Never do for a child what she is able to do on her own! Allow your child to make as many choices as she can, in her daily life, and encourage endless independence and autonomy.

The more your child will have a sense of BELONGING to your family and will feel in strong and POWERFUL in POSITIVE ways, the less she will want and need to TAKE the love /attention/ power/ meaning in a “negative” way….

If you want to learn more, you are welcome to join my next parenting class or book a one-on-one session

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