The Quality of our Relationships

“The Harvard Grant Study – The longest longitudinal study ever undertaken (for more than 75 years) – concludes that the key to a happier and healthier life, is good relationships”.

“It is the quality of our relationships that matter” says Robert J. Waldinger, Director of the Study of Adult Development at Harvard University.

I see each family as a WHOLE, in which each part influences every other part. Our relationship with our partner affects the way we parent, and the way we parent also has an impact on our relationship.

Please remember, that our children are WATCHING us ALL THE TIME. We have a wonderful opportunity to model a healthy relationship with our partner, and teach them about so many fundamental subjects, like boundaries, mutual respect, how to express emotions, friendship, conflict management, communication, choice, autonomy versus dependency, cooperation, and much more….

If you would like to make a change in any of the relationships you are having right now - with your partner, or with your children - please reach out.

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