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This is Us

Updated: Jan 3

This is Us – With our two teenagers, one 10-years-old (that behaves like a 17-years-old) and our 2 dogs.

I have been trying to be the best parent I could for many years now. As a mother, I have had my moments of glory, but also lots of moments filled with doubts, anguish and shame.

I meet parents all day long (and late at night!). I usually meet them when they are at their lowest, the least proud of themselves, some are very anxious, some are angry and many are cynical and pessimistic.

A quote I love, from another parenting coach (Amy McCready), says:

“My mission is simple: To meet parents where they are, and give them the tools and resources they need, to be the best parents they can be”.

Dear parents when you see the smiling faces of children and parents on social media you need to know that they are authentic - those families are really happy, or joyful, IN THAT MOMENT. Just remind yourself of what is not shown in the picture (but known by all): the tantrums, the sleepless nights, the endless fights on why he is not helping enough at home, or why she is not meeting his needs, the unbearable noise of kid’s fighting, the screen or sugar addictions, the hitting, the crying, the screaming, fears, anxiety, anger and so much more…..

Dear parents, I feel you, because I AM YOU.

This is a picture of us, just a tiny glimpse of a happy moment.

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