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Time Out?

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Mommy / Daddy, when you put me in time-out I feel so lonely…..

I feel alone in the whole world, because YOU are MY WORLD, and when you tell me to go to that “corner”, or to my room, to “think” about what I just did, I can only think and wonder: Why can’t I be part of the family right now…?

You usually put me in time-out after I hit / broke / screamed / pushed or was already very upset and now, I’m even MORE UPSET to be there…..

It makes me feel SAD, SCARED and sometimes very ANGRY. I feel blamed and shamed and I wish there was a way to tell you, that the only thing I need right now is a HUG.

time out

Dear parents, I know the feeling of being helpless and I also used to put my kids in time-out…. Throughout the years I studied to become a Parenting Coach, I have realized that time-outs do not teach children to make better choices, and they usually only escalate in us giving harsher punishments each time….

Today I teach parents many alternatives to time-out - strategies that are more effective and less emotionally damaging, like: giving choices, applying logical consequences, teaching accountability and raising independent children, with a high sense of self-worth, who do not need to seek attention or power over parents.

If you too would like to gain better parenting skills, please join me for my next online parenting class, or reach out to me for a parental coaching session!

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