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What can you do NOW for your Teenager?

Updated: Jan 3

“One day your child will make a mistake or a bad choice and run to you, instead of away from you, and in that moment you will know the immense value of peaceful, positive and respectful parenting”. L.R. Knost

Would you want your teenager to come to YOU whenever they "mess up” or "get into trouble"? If you do, you need to build the foundation for that RIGHT NOW, when your child is still “little”…

How? One way is by SHARING!

  • When you share about yourself on a regular basis you MODEL to your child that people who love and care about each other, invite one another, into their own personal thoughts, feelings, doubts and dilemmas.

  • When you share about YOUR OWN MISTAKES and “fiascos” - The message is the following: “Hey, I am far from being perfect… and in our family we share about our successes, as well as about our failures”.

  • When you share with your children you make them feel important and SIGNIFICANT to you, but also trusted, loved, smart and worthy…. So why wouldn’t you share?

Sharing fosters relationships, creates connections and intimacy…. And this is the best thing we can do NOW, in order for our teenager to feel close enough and comfortable enough, to turn to us in times of trouble.

raising a teenager

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