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What do Siblings fight about so much?

Updated: Jan 3

  • They fight over “property” – toys, tablets, the remote control…

  • They fight about space – I was sitting here, this is my spot, this is my space….

  • They compete about who is “first” – to push the button of the elevator, to enter the car, to pour cornflakes in the bowl….

  • They compete about who is stronger, faster, smarter, knows better…

  • Or about who is getting “more” – ice-cream, bamba, or even cucumbers….

  • They seem to just get annoyed at the other one “being alive”, standing next to them, or breathing too much of “their” air :-)

sibling rivalry

But the real reason is they are competing over the love and attention of their parents!

They also argue, push, hit and hurt each other explore their personal boundaries. And sometimes they seem (and sound) like they are fighting, when they are just dissolving boredom and, as a matter of fact, they are just PLAYING with one another! Hold on for a few minutes, before you jump in, and sometimes you will hear them laugh….

Dear parents, having a brother or a sister is first and foremost A PRECIOUS GIFT! It is a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable life lessons about friendship, love, social skills, negotiation, how to win, how to lose, how to stand up for oneself and when it’s better to give in, or just shut up….

If you feel your kids are fighting too much, and you would love to learn how to optimize their special bond, please get in touch with me.

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