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What you focus on grows

  • Your child is a “fussy” eater… Focus on what he DOES eat and the few things he does ENJOY eating.

  • Your children fight “all the time”… Focus on those SMALL MOMENTS they DO get along, or have a KIND GESTURE one to the other.

  • You feel in a constant struggle with your child, she says “no” to everything… Focus on those few times she DOES COOPERATE, or says “yes” without a struggle… acknowledge them.

  • Your child never gives / shares anything… Focus on those very few ACTS OF GENEROSITY, where she did share her toy (even if it was just for a few seconds) or did agree to give half a biscuit to her friend.

We ALL want to live up to the expectations of other people!!! So whenever YOU acknowledge how much your child behaves well, is kind, generous, easy-going, fun to be with, smart and more, she will try, and want to be all of that!

Let’s not take ANYTHING for granted and focus on the small, but worthy things in our lives, and in our children!

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