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Five interesting Facts about my work as an Adlerian Parenting Coach:

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

1. MEN particularly connect to the Adlerian approach, because it’s a very practical and logical method, with lots of explanations on how to actually DO things.

2. Lots of times I find myself telling parents in sessions “YOU ARE TALKING TOO MUCH”! They tell me how they explain things, and “lecture”, their child…. and what I ask them to do, when a challenging situation occurs, is to say only ONE SENTENCE and THEN ACT, or BEHAVE, what they believe in.

3. According to one of the biggest Harvard longitudinal researches the #1 predictor of HAPPINESS is having good RELATIONSHIPS - close, intimate, positive and respectful connections, with significant others – and this is exactly what Adlerian parental coaching is all about!

4. All the TOOLS I teach (from choice, to encouragement, consequences, sense of belonging, how to listen…) parents can apply not only in their parenting, but in ALL AREAS of their lives.

5. IT IS ENOUGH for ONE PARENT to attend sessions, and choose to make a change, for the whole family to change – Adlerian psychology sees the family as a whole, just like a fruit basket - we are all connected and influenced by the other one…. If you move ONE fruit in that basket, ALL will MOVE AROUND.

So if you want to make a change, don’t wait for anything or anyone, it’s up to YOU!

And one last thing - This is me on the picture… and most of the time I’m really nice :)

barbara harcavi parenting coach

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