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Don't wait too long

Day by day we held our breath when hostages were released,

and ached in pain for those left behind.

We pray endlessly for the safe return of our soldiers,

and we long for our children, to just go back and live a “carefree” life.

For the last 8 weeks In Israel, are minds are flooded by the current situation -

it’s the only thing we think about, read about, or talk about.  It’s normal, as we are in “survival mode” - At war, with hostages in Gaza, and a feeling that things can decline at any moment, so yes, we need to focus on information that is vital to us.


Nevertheless, I am also here to remind you that at some point we will go back to our “regular” lives. They will never be the same as before October 7th… Yet life is persistent, and eventually we will have to take care of the things we “left behind”. Like the atmosphere in our family, our relationships, the challenging behaviors of our children, boundaries, tantrums, disagreements,

and also our own undesirable behaviors, like screaming, threatening or punishing.

I’m here if you need me, DON’T WAIT TOO LONG. 


I’m a licensed parenting coach and couples counselor.

I speak English, French and Hebrew,

and my practices are in Tel-Aviv, Herzelya or Online.

Barbara 054-8077881


In the picture – A few months ago in Paris.

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