I get a lot of calls from parents regarding anxiety. It is a very sensitive subject and parents who suffer themselves from anxiety, always tell me they wish their children to not undergo the same experience.

Anxiety is both nature and nurture. While your child might have a genetic predisposition for anxiety (he probably inherited from you), the most important aspect is how YOU deal with it and how YOU behave your own anxiety.

Which coping skills do you model to your child? What messages are conveyed through your own behavior? Do you encourage independence and autonomy? Do you teach your child (sometimes unconsciously) that this is a dangerous world?

Strategies to cope with stress and anxiety (both for you and your child):
  • Movement - dancing, jumping, sports, exercising.

  • Breathing - learning breathing techniques, slowly exhaling, yoga, meditation.

  • Art - expressing the anger, the stress, fears or anxiety through painting, drawing, theater, role play, music.

  • Connection - meeting a friend, talking to someone, asking for a hug or hugging your dog/ cat.

  • Playfulness - playing, doing something fun, laughing.

  • Rest and self-care - recognizing your body signals when tired or hungry, taking regular breaks, eating healthy.

**If and when the anxiety is too heavy - Reach out to a mental health specialist!!**

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