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Having a brother or a sister is a precious gift

Updated: Jan 3

Do your children have strong SOCIAL COMPETENCIES?

Would you like your children to know how TO STAND UP for themselves? Or when to comply?

Do you want them to learn how to WORK WELL WITH OTHERS?


How to INTERACT effectively?

How to COMMUNICATE well?

Would you like your children to be able TO READ SOCIAL SITUATIONS well, and respond accordingly?

What if I told you that your children can gain all those valuable SOCIAL SKILLS through their relationship with their brothers and sisters, and the only problem is that we, the parents, do not allow them to do so?

Having a brother or a sister is a precious GIFT - it allows our children to “practice”, to “rehearse” social capacities, and then to excel in real life.

All we need to do is TO STOP INTERVENING!

Of course… Easier said than done!!

Besides, the meaning of “not intervening” is absolutely not standing there and not doing anything at all… There is a lot that needs to be done!!

If you want to know how to do it, you are welcome to reach out to me.

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