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How does your Child feel at Home?

Updated: Jan 3

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Maya Angelou

Let’s talk about the FAMILY ATMOSPHERE….
What do people FEEL when they enter your house?
Joy, sadness, warmth, some tensions, a welcoming feeling….?
How does YOUR CHILD feel at home?

The family atmosphere is everything that is in there, “in the air”, that is not said out loud, yet DEEPLY FELT INSIDE – It is my way of reacting to good news, or bad news, the way I speak to my spouse, or to my neighbor, the way we fight, apologize, talk about money, how I take care of myself, how I handle frustration, or mistakes….

family atmosphere

All our BELIEFS and VALUES are ingrained in the atmosphere of our home. Our children are watching us and LEARNING ABOUT LIFE through our family atmosphere: What does it mean to be a woman, or a man, how do we disagree, what are relationships about, what does “love” mean, who can be trusted, and who not, when is it ok to be cynical, or those subjects we never laugh about….

Through their family atmosphere children learn all the CORE VALUES, like mutual respect, equality, honesty, optimism, generosity and many more.

How is YOUR family atmosphere? How does your child FEEL at home…?

If you wish things would be different, and need some help, please reach out, because RIGHT NOW is always the best time to make a change!

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