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It's about the Relationships in a Family

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

So many parents ask me about the PRINCIPLES I work with…?

Parental coaching is mostly about OUR DAILY LIVES as parents, and about THE RELATIONSHIPS in a family.

My basis is the Adlerian theory and Positive Psychology and three of the main values I work with are the following:

1. MUTUAL RESPECT – “mutual respect” does not mean: I respect you and therefore you respect me. It first and foremost means that I respect MYSELF and I do not allow anyone to treat me badly. I model PERSONAL BOUNDARIES, and through my MODELLING and behavior, my children learn about respecting themselves, respecting others and about boundaries.

2. CHOICE – I teach parents how to use “logical consequences” and “choice”, instead of fear, force and punishment. Children are able to learn early on in life that for every behavior they CHOOSE, there is an OUTCOME - a consequence - and that’s how they learn about responsibility and accountability.

3. BELONGING – All of us strive to have a high “sense of belonging”, which basically means we desire to feel loved, able (powerful) and needed (useful). Children who “misbehave” (by whining, saying no constantly, hitting, biting, lying etc…) just took a “wrong turn” in finding their own way to “belong”. I teach parents how to reinforce their children’s sense of belonging IN A POSITIVE WAY and thus, turn things around.

If you would like to know more, or acquire tools on how to become THE BEST VERSION of yourself as a parent, please reach out to me.

relationships in a family

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