Parenting is not about controlling your child

Parenting is not about controlling your child, it's about controlling yourself.

Parenting is not about changing your child, it’s about CHANGING YOURSELF.


  • Be mindful of your “automatic-pilot” when you are upset, instead of just shouting or snapping, try to delay your immediate response.

  • Inform yourself - learn, read, listen to podcasts – Anything that will help you understand the developmental and emotional stages of your child.

  • Practice self-care – A more rested and happier parent will always be a better parent, more in control (of himself), and more self-regulated.

  • Stop trying to control everything, let go of perfectionism, or to always have it your own way - Share responsibilities with your partner (and allow him to do it his own way!).

  • Seek professional help if needed – Sometimes small changes can make a huge difference!!!

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