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Quality Time

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Lots of parenting experts use the term "quality time" or “one-on-one dates” with children…

But instead of taking your child once a week on “a date”, on a “mind-blowing” afternoon - at an amusement park, restaurant, mall, theater play or all of them together (!!) – I suggest you invite your child to join you in your daily activities:

  • Take your child with you to the supermarket, to the bank, to walk the dog….

  • If you have more than one child, take ONLY ONE at a time (when possible).

  • Ask your child to join you in cooking, or to help you with something on the computer, or advise you which clothes to wear for an important meeting.

  • Play and have fun with your child, but only games, sports or hobbies YOU personally enjoy and YOU can truly have fun with!

Most importantly be very conscious, intentional, and “in the moment” when doing all of the above! (put your phone away!!!!!!!!!)

quality time

What do children remember most about their parents?

Tons of research has been done about this subject, and all remember the simple and “small” moments of their lives, with their parents!!!! They remember their parents making silly voices while reading stories, interesting talks while folding laundry, how much we laughed that day when we went to the gas station together, cuddling in bed, daddy covering me every night and saying goodnight, just playing or talking while mom/dad is cooking.

Those little moments have the greatest positive influence on our children, and if we start being really conscious and intentional about them, our children will feel seen, heard and loved by us.

So enjoy the small moments!

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