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Sex Education

Updated: Jan 3

Smartphones, pornography and violence are unfortunately linked today….

By the end of third grade (age 8) 75% of the Israeli children have smartphones.

By the end of fourth grade (age 9) 43% of them, have already been exposed to porn.

Children today are confused regarding appropriate sexual conduct and, as parents, we can certainly not allow ourselves to sit and wait for “something to happen”… Every parent needs to be pro-active, talk and guide his child (as young and as early as possible) regarding:

  • Safe behavior on the internet.

  • The truth about body image (instead of the images our children are bombarded with on social media).

  • The difference between a healthy relationships and pornography.

  • Appropriate conduct and guidelines regarding sexual behavior.

I decided to join a wonderful team of women, who created “the Israeli center for sex education” (מידע אמין על מין) and took upon themselves the crucial mission of educating children, parents and professionals on all of those subjects, and provide reliable information.

For those of you who read Hebrew, they have tons of extremely useful info on their site!

For those of you who don’t, they have just translated 2 of their brochures IN ENGLISH and they are FREE (guidelines for children and guidelines for teenagers).

Finally, I am proud to say that I also completed their intensive course for professionals and today I am also a sexual educator.

sexual safeguard

sexual conduct

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