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Stop feeling guilty!

The parents that I am meeting in August are mostly exhausted, sometimes angry and exasperated…

Not too long ago, with 3 young children, I was also feeling like that by the end of the long summer break. I used to make lots of plans for August with the kids - going to museums, different parks, attractions, plays… and of course, the pool and the beach. But nearing the end of the month I was just counting the days (and the minutes) away.

I don’t have any solid advice to give you to make it easier, but only that:

Please remember that all the negative behaviors from your kids (whining, opposing, nagging, crying, hitting, tantrumming) and also your own (snapping and screaming) are intensified right now, and DO NOT REPRESENT in any way your parenting (or your children).


Stop feeling guilty about not enjoying this time with your kids.

Being without a regular schedule for such a long time can be nerve-wracking for anyone (children and parents alike). Moreover, it is definitely challenging to spend endless days with toddlers, or young kids, in the heat of August.

So just breathe, try smiling a little more, forgive yourself for giving them more snacks and more screens, and just know that soon everything will brighten up.

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